Amphinicy Technologies – A “Space-Age” Solution for a Satellite Software Client

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Website for a high-tech company which develops a software the satellite industry delivered at “the speed of light”.

When a high-tech company which develops software for the satellite industry needs a new website, the company can either build it itself or find a partner who understands its needs, wishes, and plans and is able to deliver at “the speed of light”. This is why Amphinicy Technologies chose Perpetuum.


Amphinicy Technologies, a company from Zagreb, is the leading provider of software to companies in the satellite industry. This high-tech company designs software solutions for satellite operators, producers of satellite equipment and providers of multimedia and broadband services.

Since Amphinicy software literally works “out of this world”, the new website needed to have a “stellar” quality.

Even though Amphinicy’s team members are tech experts themselves, they recognized that the Perpetuum team will pay just as much attention to Amphinicy’s needs as Amphinicy pays to those of their clients.


Amphinicy Technologies’ website is unique and special in more ways than one. The Amphinicy team had very specific requests. They wanted for their administrators to have the option of adjusting not only the website’s content but the structure as well, to future needs. Drupal CMS and iSite Open was their combination of choice because Drupal provides the option of digital content maintenance without the additional intervention of IT experts and designers, and is open to upgrading by various components at the same time.

Thus we built a special module in Drupal which enables administrators to add blocks, i.e. to change background colors to adapt the site to their needs in the future as well. This module can be applied to any website based on Drupal. It provides users with the option of greater visual identity adjustment of their website to their needs and wishes.

We created a total of six custom-built modules which make Amphinicy’s web pages easy to run and maintain, along with the possibility of future adjustment and changes.

Moreover, while creating and designing the web pages, we used special tools which made building the website components easier and faster. In particular, for displaying the design we used inVision with the Public Share Link functionality. Thanks to that particular functionality, Amphinicy was able to browse and comment on the design and navigate through all pages even though the website itself nad not been fully built yet. In order to give the design “the breath of life”, for the first time we used another tool – Zeplin, which facilitates transferring the design into CSS, or in other words, turning it into a functional website. Using these tools proved to be a great solution as they significantly sped up not just the website design process but building the website as well.

However, specially adjusted modules and finding new solutions are not the only reasons why Project Amphinicy is unique. Using agile methodology, we were able to design, build and publish the website in just two months.

The project organization was not unlike a satellite network. Each part was split into smaller tasks which could be carried out in a short period of time. This enabled the team members to work on other projects alongside building Amphinicy’s web pages, while at the same time meeting strict deadlines. Deadlines were strict not only because the client demanded it, but also because the project was financed with the help of EU programs.

All work was consistently documented, which was extremely important to the client, but it also enabled meeting all requirements of the European Commission – from specifying what, when and how has been done, to positioning a visible logo and displaying fund data on the homepage.

The Amphinicy team was exceptionally pleased with the final product. The fact that they were able to use it right away without any difficulties was proof that the “stellar” approach was the right way to go.