Amsterdam – Social & Media Strategy

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amsterdam specialty beers case study banner with flying dutchman under the moon

SensioGrey reveals the secrets of a legendary ghost ship for Amsterdam beers!

The Flying Dutchman is, above all else, the most famous ghost ship but also a graphic component of the Amsterdam’s cans.

As the true cornerstone of the brand, Amsterdam has decided to take its community into the myth.

Challenge Enhancing Amsterdam’s image and reconnect the brand with young people (18-35 years-old) respecting the Evin Law’s framework.


  • Strategic thinking, application and performance management
  • Design & Creation
  • Organization, content moderation, monitoring & conversation
  • Ecosystem: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram


Creation of an interactive adventure divided into 8 chapters where the community members will surf from one social media platform to another.

Twitter and Instagram accounts will especially be created to make the storyline more credible. They will launch challenges to lead the users to some clues and continue the adventure. The keywords of the discovery: daring and tenacity.

Campaign’s Highlights

  • The Flying Dutchman
  • Black Rum
  • Battleship

Key Figures

  • 1.5M Facebook connections
  • 900,000 monthly visits on the Facebook page
  • 4% average engagement
  • 72,000 Tumblr visits


  • Les Trophées Marketing Client – Social media – with honors
  • Stratégie Grand Prix du Digital – Social media- with honors
  • Top Com Consumer – Product – Silver