An Integrated eCommerce Solution Within a Specialised Industry

AVAMAE Software Solutions Ltd
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We delivered a flexible, scalable and fully integrated eCommerce solution.

The Brief

We were briefed with replacing 4D Model Shop’s off-the-shelf website with a redesigned site which would give them much greater flexibility. The priority was automating the use of their existing accounting software by integrating it into the site, as well as giving staff the ability to easily update the site themselves so that all marketing and ordering processes could be managed from the site with minimal manual intervention.

The Challenge

The challenge of creating 4D Model Shop’s new website was ensuring that we delivered a cost-effective custom integration with the Iris Exchequer accounting software. As traditional integrations with Exchequer can often result in compromise, we needed to balance budget considerations with ensuring that the solution precisely met the client’s needs and delivered much more than a traditional integration or an off-the-shelf solution.

The end product needed to work cohesively as an eCommerce solution. The customer needed to find the site engaging and easy to navigate, as well as experiencing a seamless ordering and payment service from the front-end. Staff needed to be able to quickly and easily manage increasing sales and marketing processes from the back-end.

The Solution

We delivered a flexible, scalable and fully integrated eCommerce solution, built to grow with 4D Model Shop’s business. To address the challenge of integrating with Iris Exchequer, we worked with a third-party supplier to deliver a high-quality, fully customised solution which automated purchasing and accounts workflow.

Our redesign split the 4D Model Shop website into a clear, logical structure, which makes it easy to find the information, products and services required. The custom CMS allows staff to quickly create sophisticated pages and build and a send marketing email campaigns directly from the site, replacing the previous labour-intensive processes.