Appetini Custom — Designed Meal Delivery Solution

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Brocoders developed a food delivery service platform to cover your needs when ordering lunches for offices in your city

What is Appetini?

Appetini is a food delivery startup project. The main idea was to develop a feature-rich food ordering app.

The peculiarity of the solution is that:

  • this is the app for ordering lunch into the office
  • a meal is homemade
  • delivery service has an instant-gratification

Working process

The first step in our to-do list was a fully-functioning MVP development that allowed us to test the project’s viability. Recently we published an article about our preparatory measures for the MVP stage of food delivery startup.

After a successful MVP launch, the founder decided to develop the next version of the product. It was planned to take into account all the critical moments from the very beginning of the development of the new version.

We used Agile methodology and each iterative change passed through the following steps:

  • User stories
  • Task decomposition
  • Prototype drawing
  • Additional design
  • Development
  • Testing

Delivered Solution

Our platform leverages a modern, future-proof tech stack and features all the required tools to quickly browse the restaurant’s menu and order lunch with just a few clicks.

With Appetini, you can:

  • Order food from various cooks and restaurants using one service
  • Get your food delivered just at dinner time
  • Choose from different price ranges and save your time and money