aPriori Cost Management Software Campaign

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A USA-based business required a European marketing agency to carry out Pan-European campaigns.


  • aPriori, a leading provider of product cost management software, helps customers identify and eliminate cost drivers early in the product design lifecycle to improve profitability and accelerate time to market.
  • Operating globally across Aerospace, Industrial and Automotive industries.
  • SWC was appointed by the client using Sortlist, to deploy a sales driven Aerospace awareness campaign across key European countries, to target manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Link to the client’s website: www.apriori.com


USA based business required a European marketing agency to carry out Pan-European campaigns.

  • The client appointed one central point of contact (an International Account Manager) to manage and traffic projects for each market.

This results in:

  • A single point of contact maintaining excellent service, brand familiarity & brand guardianship
  • Efficiencies across workflow to remain fast, agile & dynamic
  • All communications remain in English with exception to the creative content in the local language
  • Cost-effectiveness; one single contract & scope of work (not multiple contracts for each market)
  • A trusted partner on the ground in the local market, that works as an extension of the client’s team.


Strategic Direction:

  • Drove brand awareness in Europe for the first time, whilst driving (adding) leads into the sales funnel.
  • Tailored messages were targeted through digital and print channels to reach a niche audience.
  • Leveraged blue chip branded case studies to attain credibility and drive (achieve substantial) creative impact.

Channels Used:

  • Created bespoke multi-media formats with chosen publishers, to maximise awareness and cut through, both on and offline.
  • Utilised the Clients owned and earned channels to undertake outreach programmes, focused on reaching, engaging and nurturing the defined audience.


Phase 1 Results Achieved:

  • Extensive brand awareness achieved amongst targets and newly identified target accounts by SWC, identified through impressions, CTR and circulation figures.
  • Close ties between marketing and sales to identify and convert leads.
  • Optimised digital metrics, surpassing benchmarks and previous activities in the European region.
  • Strong PR achieved in key publications.