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Ardagh Group is a leading supplier of value-added, infinitely recyclable, metal and glass packaging solutions for the world’s leading brands.

Ardagh Group has a truly global presence, operating 56 metal and glass production facilities in 12 countries, employing 16,000+ people and having global sales of approximately $7bn. With offices all over the world from Ireland, Brazil, France, Germany, London, Chicago and many more locations; Ardagh continues to thrive and expand.

Our Own Packaging Solution…

Ardagh wanted to drive more visitors to their website, and increase brand awareness and impression share. Yet, although the organisation is a global player in the metal and glass production markets, its SEO was somewhat behind the rest of its competitors.

Google Ads

As Ardagh wanted to drive more traffic to their site and increase brand awareness, we thought, what better way to do this than create a PPC campaign? We began by doing competitor research into the glass production industry and looking at the types of people Ardagh Group wanted to reach through Google Ads. Whilst setting up the ads, we set up tracking codes, created ad copies and established their target audience as well as their bidding methods and budgets. Throughout their campaigns, we monitored the performance and implemented any relevant recommendations to increase their optimisation score. This included adding negative keywords, adding keywords and reviewing their bidding strategy.

SEO Audit

The team undertook technical audits of the site on a regular basis to ensure the site could be crawled and indexed effectively, improving metadata, internal linking and page formatting was crucial to increasing Ardagh Group’s SEO standing. Our audits provided an excellent base for us to be able to tackle any issues and make sure their website was healthy and continued to be in tip-top condition for their many visitors. A link-building strategy was implemented that mirrored Ardagh’s international presence, and our team worked hard to outreach to relevant sources.

Social Media Consultancy

A common misconception in the digital world is that everyone has to be a social media whiz. We know that isn’t always the case, not everyone has time for social media and to learn the ins and outs. Bite Digital took on a social media consultancy role for Ardagh, from overseeing the creation and implementation of Ardagh Group’s global Instagram profile, to running localised Facebook advertising campaigns. We were more than happy to assist them with this.

Results Summary

Ardagh Group saw a 133% year-on-year increase in ranking keywords, with over 650 keywords placing in the top 3 SERP positions, up by 288 a year ago. This increase in placements has meant that Ardagh’s organic traffic has been unscathed by the global pandemic.

Bite Digital saw an increase in domain authority for the site also, with their volume of backlinks increasing by over 100% since we began working on this campaign. Through our social media consultancy role that was taken up with Ardagh Group, we saw a 48.25% increase in social media traffic to their website within a month.