ATL Transit: Content Development & Social Media Campaign

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ATL Transit Social media campaign

This funny (and very successful) social media campaign got millennials to consider riding transit.


The region’s transit providers and the Atlanta Regional Commission created, a website that enabled users to map out a trip using the various transit systems.  Our team was tasked to create awareness and visibility for transit providers.


Working with our partners at Porter Novelli, we proposed using our limited budget to focus on one audience — millennials, an audience more open to transit. Focus group research supported our belief that among those who didn’t ride transit, there was a negative perception of the local transit systems.  Often these negative views were unfounded. Our job was to get people to develop an affinity for transit, click through to the website and use the trip tool.


In just two months the results were overwhelmingly positive:

• 402,000 video views
• 41,000+ website visitors
• 67,000 page views
• 8,800 trips planned