Audio/Video Editing App

Digital Authority Partners
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Researched and defined market opportunity, business case and wrote product requirements for international audio / video recording and editing tool.

The Challenge

At the time, Dolby lacked the digital expertise to execute a native, international application on their own. They needed to partner with an agency that had deep digital strategy expertise—as well as proven success bringing products to market—to quickly launch their first digital application.

Our Approach

Digital Authority Partners was responsible for creating the Narrate business case, defining market opportunity and product requirements, launching the app in both the US and Canada, and generating user demand.

First, we created a “market fit” report, researching target audience, local requirements, market threats and market opportunities. With a sound business case, we persuaded Dolby stakeholders to invest in the pilot project.

We then wrote robust product requirements based on our market analysis, suggesting optimizations to further enhance a successful launch.

The Results

The Narrate application generated over 100,000 downloads within only one month of launch, making Dolby’s first digital product a verified success!