Augmented Reality Beauty App

Juego Studios
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Juego Studio has developed an AR Beauty App Face detector, lips, eye-lashed, hair editor and offers many more customization features.

The cosmetics industry has started using technology to take advantage of the e-commerce platform to increase the sales and also edge with competition and costing. Cosmetic industry leaders not only look at traditional offline stores for sales, now they are using the latest technology like Augmented Reality within e-commerce to provide virtual experience and look- like for the customer for better decision making.

According to the L’Oréal 2018 Annual Report: the global cosmetics market growth in 2018 ~25% excluding soaps, oral hygiene, razors and blades and expected to grow even more in the near future due to technology advantage. Shopping on the move with virtual experience exciting customers and as a result we can see online sales growth.


With the combination of AR libraries, machine learning data and image processing an outstanding output can be achieved with high performance. Our developers created filters for the AR beauty app achieving great accuracy.

How We Use AR Libraries, Machine Learning Data, and Image Processing:

  • Image Processing.
  • Create an ML agent to learn from image processing data.
  • Using the ML agent knowledge database to create filters of AR beauty apps many more things.
  • By using the library provided by Google and Apple now surface and depth detection is easy and accurate.
  • Vuforia & OpenCV is also one of the famous library and database providers for the AR.

What Can Our AR Beauty App Do?

Our AR Beauty App detects your lips and offers color customization features, you can try on makeup virtually, not only that you can also try new hair colors, new eye colors, new hairstyles, and a lot more. Just put your phone’s camera up to your face, then tap away at all the products, different looks.

Key Features

  • Face Recognition
  • Face Filters
  • Hair Detection & Colour changes
  • Lips detection & colour customization
  • Applying 100+ items on the facial parts
  • Face Expression detection
  • Eye-Lashes Detection and Customisation and more


Why Choose Juego Studio for Your AR Beauty App Project?

  • We have a expertise team on OpenCV & Image processing libraries
  • We keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest technology in the market in order to develop apps and games.
  • As one of the renowned Augmented Reality development companies, we’ve developed exceptional apps for iOS, Android and WebXR platforms .
  • Some of our apps have been featured in the Apple and Google stores.
  • Our standards are on par with the best Augmented Reality companies in the industry.