Award-Winning Film-Meets-Game Virtual Reality Experience

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Raising awareness for the new Peugeot 208 with an experience that is in line with their international television commercial.


Help Peugeot raise awareness for the new Peugeot 208 with an experience that is in line with its international television commercial.


An interactive virtual reality (VR) experience that pushes the boundaries of mobile and web browsers, captures Peugeot’s brand identity and allows users to discover their latest car in an engaging way.


An innovative campaign that won multiple awards and generated 61% increase in conversion.


Peugeot wanted to provide its customers with an exciting way to discover their latest car. Both the TV commercial and the 208 virtual test drive revolve around taking the Peugeot 208 for a spin and feel its drive, power and energy. The commercial for the Peugeot 208 visualizes a dragon tattoo coming alive and flying out of the car. To build upon this experience, we proposed to blend the test drive and the dragon from the commercial into one interactive VR film that challenges the viewer to catch the dragon.

With a fast-approaching deadline, we set out to design mock-ups and prototypes. We used the original 3D files from the TV version to recreate the dragon and to immerse the user into the world Peugeot had created for them.


By far the biggest challenge of this project was creating the front end of the VR experience. We designed a responsive custom front end and multiple 2D and 3D visuals that created the elusive and mysterious Catch the Dragon VR experience that captivated so many users.

We started the creative process by sketching the opening shot that included the dragon, the 208 and its surroundings. After multiple iterations, we got it right and worked towards the final concept in terms of landscape, light and design.

The interactive VR version of the dragon was developed using a workflow that combines Photoshop, Blender 3D and WebGL. We recreated the TV dragon and enabled it to fly, appear and disappear anywhere we wanted it to.


This interactive experience is completely built on top of WebGL using ThreeJS. It connects forms to the internal infrastructure of Peugeot to generate leads.


  • Developing an interactive marketing campaign that generates high-quality leads for Peugeot.
  • We pushed the boundaries of mobile browsers by creating an experience that usually only works in native apps.