B2B Data Management Platform for RoadTech Scandinavia

Chimera Prime
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Custom software for increased traffic safety, reduced use of plastic and savings.

Green Revolution on the Way

RoadTech AS is in the process of developing a new type of tapping plug with a self-tapping screw, along with a machine that puts it in motion and a plug terminal that washes, sorts and stores the sockets between seasons. The contractors will be able to focus on their core business and RoadTech AS will specialise in purchasing, logistics, maintenance and enabling technologies. Digitisation will provide great opportunities for data management.

The Challenge

The task was to design and build a digital web-based B2B platform to help manage orders and information. The RoadTech company looked for a user-oriented software development partner able to deliver the first version of the app within a few weeks.

Building a Prototype

To make this happen, Chimera Prime began with a product design process to build a simple prototype. After 2 days of work, hand in hand with RoadTech, we ended up with a clickable prototype which was the first visual representation of the solution. The app contains all that is needed to make an order from RoadTech.

The Outcome

The first version of the web application was built in two weeks. It enables RoadTech to start using the platform with first users and plan next steps based on feedback from current and future customers. Peder Kr. Strømsvåg, RoadTech founder, has been amazing and professional as a Product Owner. His solution will reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and costs of vehicle maintenance.

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