B2B Digital Marketing Success: How to Perform a Site Transition and Not Drop Google Rankings

The Marketing Garage
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Transitioning to a new website design from a site that’s been well optimized for search almost always hurts your search engine rankings. It’s like a roller coaster; you know you’re going to go down, you just don’t know for how long and whether you’ll come all the way back up. Here’s a rare example where a site transition resulted in rankings actually going up, not down.

About the Project:

The Marketing Garage was determined to increase the client’s Google Search Ranking during a difficult period, site transitioning. As the previous version of the client’s website was optimized well for SEO, the problem arose from the shift in design which caused problems with the site’s SEO.

Main Challenge(s):

The main challenge was to maintain the client’s Google Search Ranking during the site transition.

Agency Solution(s):

The solutions provided by The Marketing Garage stemmed from the realization that they must first analyze the site’s best-performing keywords, and enhancing the position these keywords attained. Additionally, a focus on visitor behavior was a critical factor in the success of the project, while frequent testing was undertaken to determine the effectiveness of the strategy mid-implementation.


  • Search Traffic Increase: 28%
  • Conversion Rate Increase: 50%
  • Increase in Enquiries: 3x