B2B Digital Success: How Data Driven Decision Making Provided an 81% Increase in Web Leads

The Marketing Garage
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A B2B manufacturer was running pay-per-click campaigns that were seemingly following best practices. Their ads were being engaged with and had high click-through-rates but were providing few quality leads resulting in zero direct sales from marketing.

About the Project:

The Marketing Garage was tasked with optimizing the pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns of the client, regardless of the clickthroughs and interaction generated by the content. No leads were being generated, and no sales were directed to the client via this marketing channel.

Main Challenge(s):

After looking at the site’s data, The Marketing Garage realized that the issue was in the choice of target keywords, the messaging within the ads, and the site content. It appeared that the PPC campaigns the client had organized previously were leading to no return on investment.

Agency Solution(s):

The Marketing Garage enhanced the click-through-rate (CTR) of the ads by examining the keyword choices and the target audience. Upon completion of these aspects of the PPC campaign, The Marketing Garage realized the core ideas relating to the product were misaligned with the target audience. Previously the client had focused on informing their target audience by defining the price and product features, while the solution that The Marketing Garage chose to go forward with (after extensive a/b testing) was actually to focus on the solution being delivered by the product

Additionally, after the promotional material was reworked to give the most informative value to the target audience, the website of the client was reworked to align the informational material with the promotional content.


  • Ad CTR Increased: 33%
  • Product Click-throughs Increased: 53%
  • Total Website Leads Increased: 81%
  • Return on Ad Dollars: 4.5x