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Ritter Communications hired Vimarc to produce a series of B2B content pieces to educate prospects about its Managed Voice services.


Ritter Communications, a regional telecommunications company headquartered in Arkansas, promotes high-speed Internet, phone and cable services to consumers and businesses.


Ritter Communications ran a Managed Voice campaign, targeting both large and small businesses in specific geographic areas of Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee (17 zip codes). Vimarc managed the launch and successfully drove leads to Ritter’s sales team.


Vimarc invested valuable time with Ritter’s product development, sales and marketing departments to understand the product and its benefits to each specific audience. We designed a plan that would personalize the message to each audience segment.

We created two key messages: Cost Savings and Peace of Mind.

The messaging was used to develop a comprehensive plan including:

Educational Content

  • eBook, blog series
  • Landing pages w/ promotional video
  • Four 30-second videos for digital advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Business IP display and retargeting
  • Social Media marketing (organic and paid)


The Managed Voice campaign’s top priorities were:

  • Raise awareness of Ritter’s Managed Voice solution
  • Make prospects aware of Managed Voice’s benefits
  • Drive Managed Voice leads via phone calls and online form submissions

According to Ritter’s web analytics, we were successful in completing the first two goals. Managed Voice webpages accounted for 7 of the top 25 pages on Ritter’s website between a six-month timeframe. During the same stretch in the previous year, only one Managed Voice page cracked the top 25. We were even more successful in regards to the third goal. During the campaign, we collected 22 online form submissions and drove 36 phone calls from the print mailers.