Basware Digital Transformation

Greenwood Campbell
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The site is the first step in Basware’s unique partnerships with global giants including McDonald’s, Heineken and Panasonic across 50 countries.

The site is the first step in Basware’s unique partnerships with global corporate giants including McDonald’s, Heineken and Panasonic across 50 countries and a project Greenwood Campbell were honoured to be leading


Basware was undertaking a complete digital transformation of their business including a total rebrand, internal communications and culture.

As a global software company, it was essential that its website and digital strategy was cutting edge and leading the financial market. Their development was being held back by their current site which was outdated, uneditable and unanalytical.

They required a site which focused purely on acquisition, lead generation and analytics.

What We did

  • Strategy
  • UX
  • Prototyping
  • Web Design
  • Development

Greenwood Campbell spent three months undertaking in-depth user research. We conducted user surveys at the Basware Connect conference, talking directly to their clients and partner base and analysing their user habits on the current site.

Next, we completed Tree Testing to validate that the stepping stones we were proposing were logical, accurate and recognisable. Then we focused on card-sorting to decide which basic categories should be used. This ensured we didn’t waste time investing in a feature such as live chat, if users found it to be of little importance.

We ensured the user was getting what they needed from the company – not the company getting what they needed from the user.

We created interactive wireframes focused on Atomic Web Design. We were able to break down components such as call to actions, communicating images or testimonials into an organism library – creating three or four options for each.

By doing this we were able to create a fully functioning prototype for user testers to fully engage with, without any build required. Users were questioned on their experience – “How easy did you find your journey?”, “Did you want to be sold or suggested other items?”.


In what would otherwise be a dry industry and service, we’ve created something engaging and exciting.

We concentrated on what the user knew – they had something they wanted to achieve. We spoke to them in a language they understood, providing them with a solution rather than selling them a product and allowing them to discover and explore at their own pace.

The site has been named one of Kentico’s Top 10 Monthly Websites and was nominated for the CSS Design Awards Site of the Day and Awwwards Site of the Day.

It has achieved a 38% increase in traffic, an amazing 30% increase in conversions and a 64% increase in average session duration.