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Appetite Creative - Ben and Jerrys App

Designing a fun and cheeky web app for Ben and Jerry’s.


Ben and Jerry’s wanted to drive a campaign around their new Wich product – Cookie Dough ‘Wich Chewy cookies with vanilla ice cream & chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough. We needed to find a way to promote the launch and also encourage users to claim their £2 vouchers. In addition to this, we wanted to be able to identify who downloaded the coupons, and find out precisely who redeems them, as well as when are where this happens. Ben and Jerry’s wanted to know how they could offer their customers something that they would actually use.


We needed to offer as much information as possible to the client. To do this, we required a non-obtrusive way to provide the coupons in the first place. We designed and animated a fun and cheeky web app. To claim the coupon users had to sign up by using their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email. This was with a unique identifier we could record who downloaded and who redeemed. On the other side, we needed to offer our client a simple way to get at the data, and a way to make the data relevant. We created a database that was downloaded as a CSV or Google Slides document that was customisable.


A record number of users downloaded the vouchers and we were able to finally tell who redeemed these building a priceless set of user data that the brand could reuse and optimise their future campaigns around.

Our back end dashboard collected all the user engagement data within one seamless platform which had the ability to download the results and the GDPR complaint data via CSV or google slides.

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