BeRide – Booking Outdoor Activities Made Easy

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BeRide is a platform and mobile booking application dedicated to all those who are passionate about outdoor activities.

About the Project

BeRide is a platform and mobile booking application dedicated to all those who are passionate about outdoor activities. The application offers a whole range variety of activities from many places of the world: surfing, kite surfing, stand up paddling, mountain cycling, quad biking, jeep tours, bodyboarding, scuba diving, boating, coasteering, snorkeling, touristic object visiting, trekking, and many more.

They Asked For:

BeRide needed a web platform, but a mobile application as well. Our developers had to deal with a business which leads to two kinds of audience: the service suppliers of this kind and the consumers of these services.

More precisely, BeRide makes partnerships with different local businesses and promotes their services, offering consumers the possibility of practicing and learning different outdoor sports or activities. Also, any person who is interested in this kind of activity can access the website or app to find and book a spot.

The Beginning of the Adventure

Antonio and Olessia Willybiro started developing BeRide at the beginning of 2015 when they realized the fact that it is extremely difficult to find a service supplier of outdoor activities. They decided to assemble a list of all the suppliers of this kind.

With BeRide one can see each coach’s ratings and reviews and one can also book a spot extremely fast and easy, with online paying. “We believe that outdoor activities are good both for the body and for the mind. BeRide is for us the way we can help millions of outdoor enthusiasts have a great time, no matter where they are located.”


For BeRide we also carried out design services. Our client needed promoting materials such as brochures, flyers, flags, newsletters, and also personalized car stickers.

Different Devices/Responsive

The mobile app developed by our colleagues is compatible with smartphones which run on Android, iOS, and Windows. The website is responsive, meaning that it is developed so that it can be easily accessed from all mobile devices: laptop, tablet, telephone.

Mission Fulfilling

BeRide wishes to create a global community of all those passionate by outdoor activities and to inspire them to achieve their own goal, connecting them with schools and trustworthy suppliers, no matter the area they are in.

As soon as we joined in developing the project, our team worked respecting the same values and believing in its mission as powerfully as its founders. We believe that together we created a platform that certainly will fulfill its goal.

A Successful Project

A secure all-in-one booking system. A platform and an application with geofilter. Online paying system. An environment which one can trust, with verified users and service suppliers.