Best Western Case Study Dynamic Creative Optimization

Appetite Creative
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The case study aims to give insights and show the results for the project made for Best Western Hotels & Resorts,

About the Project

Celebrating more than 70 years of hospitality, Best Western Hotels & Resorts is an award-winning global family of hotels located in over 100 countries and territories that offers accommodations for all types of travelers.

Having so many hotels and resorts across so many countries is quite some feat, but success on this scale can also bring complications that other, less accomplished, companies might not foresee.

The Challenge

Best Western needed a way to focus their advertising. There would not be much point in offering somebody a hotel in Bali if they were waiting for a bus in the center of London. So, they needed a way to tailor each experience to each user, and in doing so, offer the widest variety possible, to the largest demographic possible.

The Solution

This is where Appetite Creative stepped in, we created an MPU and a leaderboard which dynamically updated to show the most relevant hotels for each user who viewed the ad. Two animated, interactive, and dynamic ads to suit each user as if it had been designed exclusively for them.

The Results

An astonishing engagement rate of 86.62% shows just how effective this was. That means that on average, nine out of every ten people that saw the ad used it. A remarkable figure that led to an increase in ROI from 1.13 to 1.40.