Bezala Application Development

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Automated expense claims platform that records corporate expenses via desktop or mobile interface. Accelerates and reduces accounting costs.

About the Product

Bezala is an application that automates the process of expense claims compensation, including purchases for cash, per diems, mileage, and credit card bills.The tool was developed for the Finnish company, Renance.

The Challenge

The main task that was assigned to our team was to get rid of paperwork and the necessity to keep packs of employee receipts that are constantly lost and not always taken into account in a dynamic workflow. The Bezala app records all corporate and accounting expenses via desktop or mobile interface and transfers them directly to responsible accountants.


The application has a Reminder Function that is activated if there are missing receipts. Bezala automatically receives credit card bills from Netvisor and NetSuite. Then, the lines of the credit card account are automatically linked to existing receipts in Bezala, and a reminder is sent to the employee by e-mail with the request to send the missing receipts.

Bezala also has its own Expense Secretary, which was created to fill out receipts automatically. Using it, the user only needs to fill out a description, and the Secretary will fill in the Price, VAT, Currency, and Booking. The Self-Service Expenses option is specifically created for occasional users. It allows to send them a link to insert their expenses. You can even embed this form onto your website or intranet. This means that users themselves will fill in all the essential information, only the manager can control the process.


As a result of using the application, the scope of paperwork has significantly decreased, and the process of expense claims reimbursement has become 83% automated and three times faster. As a result, accounting costs have diminished by up to 70%.