Bimble Website Design & Development

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Bimble, a CBD-infused line of sodas. We helped bring everything together visually, aligning Bimble’s digital presence with their physical product.

Bubbly Personality

The first thing visitors see on the website for Bimble, a full-spectrum, CBD-infused line of sodas, is an elegant bottle tipped to the left. Beside it, a big red dot overlies the words Chill to serve, serve to chill. As you scroll down, the bottle gradually turns upright. Meanwhile, a series of bubbles begin to rise and pop. As they do, words like calm, balanced, and delicious burst onto the scene.

Calm, balanced, delicious: C, B, D. The words speak for themselves, but for those who pick up on the double meaning, they pack an even greater punch.

ATTCK is known for its “winks,” the unobtrusive but delightful details that take a keen eye—or a second visit—to spot. This is a prime example. Our special touches reflect the care we take in every aspect of our work, all without drawing too much attention to themselves. The designs we created for Bimble aren’t just clever, though. They’re slick, sophisticated, and smart.

Preparing for Launch

When Bimble approached us to develop their website, their brand was, well, brand new. No logo, no bottle, not even a name. The background of the founder—a former Wall Street bond trader turned beekeeper—was as unique as the drinks themselves. Run-of-the-mill just wouldn’t cut it.

We helped the company bring everything together visually and worked with their branding partner to align Bimble’s digital presence with their physical product. Together, we crafted compelling content and developed fun ways to convey the brand and its offerings. The goal was ultimately to introduce Bimble through a concise, unique, breezy user experience. In short, to make the drinks pop.

Tools of the Trade

Bubbles aside, the website incorporates various effects that called on our design and development finesse. That rotating bottle at the top of the homepage? A CSS3 animation achieved with SVGs.

At the bottom of the page, two bottles float as if suspended midair. Their relative positions change at different rates, an effect achieved through parallax scrolling. This creates a sense of dynamic motion and offers a nod to the subtle nature of the drug.

We leveraged WordPress, our content management system of choice, to build the site using our proprietary layout system. Then we used Google Tag Manager to provide detailed analytics. Scrolling heatmaps reveal which parts of the web site’s pages are drawing the most attention. Other tools, including plugins like Yoast and Contact Form 7, help to boost SEO and ensure shareability across social networks.

Message in a Bottle

CBD-based products present unique challenges to marketers. Customers often come with three questions in mind: will it get me high (it’ll chill you out, but as the website says, it’s a “high-quality drink without a high”), is CBD legal (in short, yes—it’s derived from hemp, not cannabis), and, for the savvy consumer, what’s the product’s CBD content and quality (each Bimble bottle contains a generous 25 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD).

Bimble’s website addresses these questions right up front so users can focus on the things that make the product—and it’s digital home—one of a kind. The simple navigation bar streamlines all the information consumers might want: AboutBenefitsCBD, and, of course, the indispensable Where to Buy.

Toward the bottom of the homepage, a large form titled “Keep up with Bimble” invites users to choose from two selections before submitting their contact info: Wanna buy Bimble or Wanna sell Bimble. The language and the design hit just the right notes, providing this up-and-coming company with an easy way to identify and connect with consumers as well as distribution networks.

Recipe for Success

The upshot for Bimble? In January, the company announced its national release. Retail locations are expanding in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut—with more states in the offing—and Bimble’s already shipping nationwide. Interested in a unique CBD product and a singular digital experience? Head over to