Binotrade — a Simple Tool for Online Trading

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Binotrade is a a convenient tool for online trading for which we developed a logo and created the Landing Page design.

About the Project

Binotrade is a trading platform, a convenient tool that not only offers the opportunity to earn binary options through trade but also provides professional customer service.

We were faced with the task of developing the concept of a logo. During the development process we decided to create the Landing Page design.


1. Total immersion into the project means a constant search for ideas how this project can be improved. We do not dwell on a single solution, so our final option is the collective value of a thousand ideas.

2. The concept of the logo is displaying graphics and trading curves on the platform. Also one of the ideas that were expressed in the logo, was a constant growth of the curves.

3. Diving into the specifics of the market of traders and connecting the main currency marking with an already worked sign, we’ve got the universal logotype.

4. Landing page – the main information page for the user who first comes on the site. The main task was to make the design easy, intuitive-simple, but at the same time understandable for a professional trader. And we have achieved all the goals that were set.

5. We developed individual icons and other graphic elements.

6. The page for Binotrade is an example of classical minimalism. All our knowledge and experience were combined to show the advantages and simplicity of trading on the stock exchange. Now everyone can approach the world of trading easier than ever.


The page for Binotrade is an example of classical minimalism.

All our experience was combined to show the simplicity of trading on the stock exchange