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Mobile application for cryptocurrency exchange.

Challenge is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe. It has 775,000 users. The platform works on the principle of a peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace.

They turned to IntexSoft with a request to develop a mobile application for a crypto exchange. The company’s goal was to improve the UX on mobile devices. In addition, wanted to raise the importance of its brand through a corporate mobile application.


UX/UI Design

The design process began with an analysis of the requirements and the data provided. An MVP was already developed and our team needed to adapt it for Android and add the possibility to notify users at the moment when the cryptocurrency rate was changed. In addition, the task was to design a quick access flow to buying/selling cryptocurrencies.


The security issue was critical for the project. Our experts have carefully thought it out, developed and tested a high-level security system that prevents:

  • password theft
  • third party transactions
  • man-in-the-middle attack

By providing secure access to data, our developers have achieved a high level of usability. To access the crypto exchange, the user needs to scan a QR code in a web app once. The code serves as a tool for the simple and quick transfer of keys and passwords as well as for connecting a mobile application to the crypto exchange web service.

The keys to the application belong only to the use and provide data encryption and user authentication. If a third party takes a photo of a QR code, the connection will still be impossible.

The dev team used a WebSocket connection to ensure a permanent connection between the server and the mobile device. It is necessary, in particular, in order to have the list of available offers updated.

Data protection on mobile devices is provided through biometrics: Touch ID and Face ID.

Tech Stack

iOS, Swift, WebSocket, APNs, HTTPS, Face ID, Touch ID