Bitzuri – Design of a Crypto Exchange Platform

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Bitzuri is a cryptocurrency exchange platform in Kenya. We designed both the web and mobile apps from scratch, as well as the entire brand strategy.

About the Client

The cryptocurrency exchange platform, Bitzuri, was founded by a family company in Kenya, working in a traditional business sector. The founders wanted to expand their portfolio, by entering a high-tech, competitive market.


There were already a few existing players on the market, but none of them had a good enough platform that offered a seamless user experience. This is what we decided to focus on, as the main value proposition.


Together with the founders, we brainstormed the features that we’d like to include in the web app and in the mobile app. Meanwhile, another design team from Melewi was working on the branding strategy, creating a brand that resonates with the target market.

After agreeing on a list of features, our team went to work to design the first prototype of the web app. The goal was to translate the designs to the mobile version, once approved by the client.

After a few rounds of iterations during our frequent client reviews, we created the wireframes and user interface that would make Bitzuri into the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform in Kenya.