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The #1 App for All Your Classroom Communication

Goal and Objective

Bloomz wants to help parents and teachers have effective and seamless communication with each other regarding the students. The one-stop application proffers all the necessary tools and services required for a parent to initiate and maintain communication with the teachers and vice versa.

Bloomz wants to enhance engagement and ensure that parents are always connected to their kids’ future, no matter how busy they are in their lives. Taking inspiration from the concept of Facebook and Linkedin, Bloomz aims to deliver that kind of communication and interaction expertise to the users via the mobile application.

It is an excellent experience for Mobmaxime to work on a classroom communication app development that helps parents and teachers stay connected.

While developing the application, we sought what Bloomz believed and why they wanted to make this product. As per Bloomz, a parent’s involvement in his/her upbringing and education is instrumental to the future. A big part of the kid’s upbringing is also dependent on their school performance; the parents need to stay involved.

Bloomz leverages the technology to bridge the gap between the teachers and parents with technological peripherals and by asking to build a mobile application for teacher and parents communication.


Bloomz presents a smart solution for both the parents and the teachers when it comes to ensuring the apt upbringing of their kids. As the best school communication app development, Bloomz is made to keep the teachers in control of their work routine while keeping abreast with all their tasks.

Some of those tasks include managing the student’s reports, taking care of the events, schedules, emails, letters, parent communication, and whatnot.

Bloomz provides the teachers with a safe and secure way to communicate and coordinate with the parents. Every teacher who was earlier facing a shortage of time and was not able to manage all the tasks can now find themselves with plenty of time and easily manage everything from one application.

The best part is the Bloomz is free to join for the parents and the teachers. Once the teachers make an account, they can start sharing the updates with the parents both privately and publicly.

All in all, Bloomz curates a custom community-like ecosystem of both parents and the teachers, helping them to stay connected, involved, and integrated.