BMW Insight

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We worked with BMW on an interactive and immersive experience designed to make complex engineering comprehensible in a deeply engaging way.

The Challenge

The BMW difference has always been performance, innovation, and engineering. But how do you tell a technologically advanced story about technologically complex cars like the 530e iPerformance plug-in electric hybrid? Our solution was Insight—a mobile app that uses mixed reality technology to turn an engineering marvel into an entirely new kind of product education experience.

Our Insight

For all the ways BMW heralds its superior performance, it can still be difficult for in-market new BMW vehicle shoppers to understand the advanced technological craftsmanship built into each car. We found that 48% of consumers would switch vehicle brands to get the technology features they want rather than buying from the brand they have historically preferred. In their search for the most innovative car, potential BMW buyers weren’t seeing beyond the surface of vehicles.

BMWs are jam-packed with innovative technology, but most technological features in vehicles are not visible or tangible to consumers. We needed to give consumers the opportunity to explore the hidden technology of the 530e iPerformance plug-in electric hybrid without lifting the hood.

Our Approach

BMW Insight is a Mixed Reality app that allows users to see the technology inside of a BMW. Built with the Unity game engine, Insight turns real-life BMWs into the tracking target by understanding the body contours and revealing an x-ray view of the hidden technology that makes the 530e iPerformance an exemplar of best-in-class, premium automotive.

After downloading the app, the user’s mobile phone syncs with the iconic, blue and white BMW hood ornament. Next, illuminated fields around the car guide users among its various features while, on screen, information appears in conjunction with an aesthetically stylized view through the car’s surface. The experience focused on key performance characteristics of the vehicle to tell immersive stories about each—including the Max eDrive, Instant Torque, Auto eDrive + eBoost, Brake Energy Regeneration, and Battery Control.


Our goal was to marry product education with brand elevation in an entirely new way. That’s precisely what BMW Insight does. BMW fans get what they crave. Curious car shoppers can comprehend what sets BMW apart. Dealers have a beautiful, engaging way to tell a complex technology and product story. Insight had an overwhelmingly positive reception at its launch, the BMW Ultimate Driving Event, and is being piloted at select dealerships around the US.