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BoligPortal is a real estate platform that allows connecting those, who are looking for an apartment and those, who can provide it.


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BoligPortal is a real estate platform that allows connecting those, who are looking for an apartment and those, who can provide it. The best providers of domestic-related services are looking forward to meeting the expectation of BoligPortal users!

What Was the Need

A few centuries ago the production of goods that brought value to the consumers was done on factories and included the production of material goods. Due to the rapid development of technologies, manufacturing-centered economies imply multi-product enterprises that are highly flexible in terms of meeting new markets’ needs. For small and medium businesses, the commercial success of entrepreneurs depends not only on the service or product quality, but also on the brand’s positioning in the media.

We believe that selecting appropriate communication channels and maintaining a constant dialogue with your audience would contribute to your success. Our plan is to help you find the right clients and to help the clients find a service/product provider. How will we implement our plan? By helping the entrepreneurs to create amazing websites and web applications that promote customer engagement and satisfaction.

Business Idea Evaluation

The Client was intended to improve the website in terms of performance, usability and maintainability. The client realized the significance of appropriate design that attracts new customer and can be easily found on the web, so he entrusted the maintenance of the website, development of new features and improvement of initial code to us.


Unlike, for example, the construction or educational industry, where there are uniform standards for many structural elements and quality of materials, there are almost no such standards in the real estate industry.

That is why the project has become distinguished by the complexity of the real subject area from which the development order originated – it forced the developer to create all the basic building blocks of the future structure on their own, from which elements of higher levels of abstraction are composed.

Familiarity with the first versions of the system allowed our team to better understand and articulate what they really need to implement.

Search and Filters

Our developers are incredibly proud of the quality of the realized property search service.

Our programmers implemented a wide variety of filters and a preview procedure, made it possible to contact the owner directly in the profile, and also managed to correctly and optimally respond to all requests arising from the owners.

Built-In View of Offers

We draw your attention to the fact that the user has the ability to view current information on the best offers directly on the site, without going through external links, as could happen in aggregators.

The familiar intuitive interface, as well as the optimal procedure for presenting information, favorably distinguishes BoligPortal among its competitors thanks to the UI & UX specialists’ team.

Personal Information & Notification Center

BoligPortal doesn’t offer a ton in terms of information, it gives users just enough to know who the landlord or renter is, plus usability that you’ll never forget. And with ample ways to reach out to each user or learn more, BoligPortal really doesn’t need much else.

Due to notification center built into the system, all the renters are at the same place – a landlord has no need to memorise which service you should enter or who suggested the best price.

List a Property Feature

List your property and be contacted by interested renters – that is the main purpose of the feature.

Due to BoligPortal, users can easily find the best applicants with a variety of filters.

After a landlord creates an ad, renters looking for a home will be notified immediately. If there are enough candidates, the landlord chooses the right one, and the others will automatically receive a friendly rejection message – convenient enough, don’t you think so?

Single Digital Contract

It is no longer necessary to draw up a personal contract for each transaction with a partner or users – our team has integrated the ability to implement an adaptive contract to the needs of each of the parties.

Now the conclusion of a rental contract is simple and quick.

Payment Integration

The platform integrates a payment by any type of credit system cards as well as PayPal.

The user will be asked to pay for the premium access service, due to which he can have the opportunity to use the extended features of the BoligPortal.


The QA team designed the tests taking into account the features of the BoligPortal and evaluated the test coverage of the application’s functionality, using tools to perform all necessary checks specific to web applications.

Main Value

Thanks to BoligPortal, the customers may easily and quickly find the apartment they need. Due to multiple filters, the customers can choose between a villa and a flat, they can rent their own property without fees. Another considerable feature which is especially valued by the users of the system is assistance in filling in the form.

As a result, the clients can avoid wasting money on mistakes in the application form and ensure the safety of their deals. For our client, these features provide a competitive advantage – more and more clients select this booking platform since it is easy in use, has many functions and can be found right away.

Our Technologies

  • jQuery
  • React.js
  • PHP5.6 > PHP7
  • PHPUnit, codeception
  • Yii framework
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Docker
  • Jenkins CI