Boosting Amazon Sales with a Simple Coupon Promotion

Meliora Marketing
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An outline of how a homewares seller increased their sales by implementing a simple, yet very effective, coupon promotion strategy.

The Background

The client had been selling products in the Home and Kitchen/Wall Clocks Category on Amazon Seller Central since 2003.  The client contacted Meliora Marketing because they needed help with product variations and variation themes. Amazon was constantly reversing any changes that the client had made. They also wanted to boost sales through optimization and offer a sweet deal to potential buyers.

The Problem

The client had only 2 products – that is, parents on Amazon with a 5 SKU variation between them. The client also had a very niche audience – senior citizens, or people wanting to buy gifts for seniors. The products sold were a clock that showed days of the week instead of the regular time.

The Solution

Because he had a very narrow audience, we had to come up with a way to incentivize those who landed on the clients product page – that is, by sweetening the offer for them even further. We started experimenting with different promotion types and discounts to see which one would be ideal for the target audience. It turned out that coupons that have a high visibility on product pages with only a 5 per cent discount were more than enough.

The Results

The initial results were fantastic. We decided to run the coupons during late December and January, which is not a typical shopping season, and most sellers actually consider this period to be very slow in sales. However, only from the coupon sales alone, we generated $23,625.65 and invested as little as $1,514.15. This resulted in achieving a return on investment as high as 1,460 per cent, or, in plan terms, for every dollar invested, the client gained $14.6 dollars per sale.