Boosting Conversion Rates on Facebook

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Working with Cordoba to create a cross channel digital advertising campaign focusing on Facebook.


Since 2015, Cordoba has organized the annual Turkish universities fair in Morocco. Cordoba faced a number of initial challenges from building brand awareness amongst its target audience and establishing itself within the market, to attracting new visitors in a short period and generating sales.


Cordoba was looking to work with an agency that would invest in the overall goals and could see what the team was trying to achieve. The Right Marketer was appointed for this reason but more importantly, it was due to our personal approach and our ability to provide a full service from Facebook Ads to Email Marketing, allowing our team to focus on what they enjoy.

In this relationship, the key to success was communication. After undertaking a day initial strategy session, we began to understand who the ideal target audience of Cordoba was, who their competitors are and what they are looking to achieve in a short period of 6 weeks. Taking this information into account, we then set upon creating, managing and optimising a cross channel digital advertising campaign spanning Facebook and email marketing.

Our Results

  • Generated an average cost per conversion of just $0.49
  • Achieved a conversion rate of 49.59% on Facebook.
  • Delivered an average rate of 79% for the exhibition presence.
  • Increase sales by 295% compared to the last 3 years.
  • Developed a lead nurturing funnel to nurture event subscribers to ensure maximum engagement.
  • Supported the creation and management of the event.