Brand Articulation Deliverables and Disruptive Content Strategy for A&M

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TCA developed brand strategy, tagline and USP for A&M. We also developed a content strategy that led to the acquisition of its first 6-figure client

TCA utilized brilliant content-led strategies to generate demand for the business consulting firm, Acorn and Mustard (A&M).

The Challenge

Of all the tools of the trade in a marketer’s toolbox, advertisements rank way up there. But for this client, we couldn’t advertise because law firms aren’t legally allowed to advertise their services in Nigeria.

This posed a problem because ads can boost brand awareness in ways that content marketing simply cannot.

Furthermore, copywriting—a form of content marketing—is a borderline advertisement. Meaning that to satisfy the client, we would have to somehow match the demand that could be acquired via ads using creative content marketing alone.

The client desired brand awareness and demand generation and we had just a few months to deliver.

The Strategy

We started out by carrying out in-depth research into all of A&M’s touchpoints, customer profiles, and competitors.

We gathered all the insights we acquired and pored through the data to find a suitable set of angles from which we would approach the problem.

Finally, we had our Eureka moment!

A&M targets tech founders. From our research, we discovered that tech founders like to remain within their ecosystem when dealing with 3rd party firms.

Our approach was to develop a blog on Hashnode (a blogging community for developers) and create thought leadership content in the areas of regulatory compliance and common difficulties faced by early-stage startup founders. This way, we would be taking the firm to its target audience, rather than having them seek it out.

We conceptualized topics using keyword and SEO research. We pitched these topics to A & M and they were excited to get their best guys and gals on board to write the content.

The next step was to distribute the blog posts on social media and repurpose content from the blog into thought leadership posts for LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

The Results

Blogs hosted on Hashnode get the option to post their articles to the Hashnode community (mainly developers). By blogging on Hashnode, we got the company’s thought leadership articles right in front of its target audience.

Secondly, by repurposing the content for LinkedIn we were able to generate conversation around our chosen topics. This particular activity directly led to A & M acquiring its first 6-figure client.

Additionally, it attracted more prospects who were nurtured into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) using activities such as email outreaches and phone conversations.

Lastly, When A & M’s audience realized there was a buzz around the firm, they acquired more interest and converted much quicker.


Content marketing allows any brand in any niche to achieve demand generation no matter the restrictions they face.

Everyone who surfs the web does so to consume content. If they’re not consuming your content, they’re consuming your competitors’. Using strategic thinking, in-depth audience research, and touchpoint optimization, TCA is able to pierce through the marketing noise and deliver the right message to the relevant people on platforms where your brand has the upper hand.