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Percept Brand Design
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Percept, an Australian branding company, was engaged to create a positive brand culture for an Australian government agency.

The Challenge 

Australian branding agency, Percept, was engaged by The Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) to define and implement a positive working culture for a hard working sector of the Australian Government.

It was felt that the organization’s culture did not reflect its core values and its people. Percept was asked to revamp and amplify the culture of the organization to truly reflect the people of the DESE.

The Solution 

Through the brand workshop, Percept gained insight and perspective into the organization and the people that drive this sector of the  Australian Government.

The DESE consists of many people from different backgrounds, positions and abilities. Percept captured this in the chosen design through the use of a bold, colorful and friendly brand identity.

In these initial creative concepts, shown here, each icon uses simple shapes, representing each of the values of the DESE and the broader Australian Government, which are commitment and fairness, making a difference, looking outward, embracing resilience and working together.