Brand Design & Website Design for a Surgeon in Sydney

Percept Brand Design
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Branding agency, Percept, creates a new brand design and website design for plastic surgeon, Dr. Kelly Thornbury in Sydney.

The Challenge

This leading plastic surgeon found Percept when looking for an appropriate branding agency for their brand design and website design project.

Dr Kelly Thornbury is one of Sydney’s top surgeons who’s accumulated over 20 years of experience in the plastic surgery industry.

Over the years, Dr. Kelly made the decision to transition into the private sector and specialise in plastic surgery to help women (and men) with their body confidence. During that time, Dr. Kelly has been working with Sydney’s leading plastic surgeons, building her reputation as a practitioner and as a freelance surgeon.

With the aspiration to open her own clinic, Dr. Kelly believes working with a branding agency such as Percept, on her brand design and website design will give her the platform to do so. With that in mind, she approached Percept to help her create a strong brand with a classic and sophisticated feel.

The Solution

Branding agency, Percept, created a classy, elegant look that visually explores the ‘reawakening’ of love for one’s body.

The brand design centres around the form of the letter ‘K’ that has been adapted to visually represent the journey as clients enter the consultation and emerge after surgery with renewed body confidence. The thin keyline (representing the surgery process) is elegant, refined and sophisticated, pairing well with the crisp modern type to create a fitting brand design.

The branding also features a skin tone colour palette that creates a natural and sensitive feel with the soft tones both soothing and comforting.

The photography is tasteful and considered, with the shot of the naked lady a powerful visual representation of how one feels in their consultation – laid bare as insecurities are shared with the surgeon.

The new brand design was rolled out across business cards and a website design that instills confidence, trust and understanding as the keyline device carries the customer through the content of the website design, and also their journey.

If you are in need of brand design and website design, contact Percept, we would love to be your branding agency.