Brand Naming & Identity Design – From iTrustTax to Acceler Advisory

Percept Brand Design
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A snapshot of how Percept, an Australian branding agency, worked with iTrustTax on a brand naming and brand identity design project, which rebranded the company as Acceler Advisory.

After initially contacting Percept to conduct just a brand naming project with the potential for a brand refresh, Acceler Advisory (previously iTrustTax) decided to undertake a full branding process.

In close collaboration with the business owner, Percept conducted a comprehensive audit of their current branding, revealing the need for a more extensive transformation beyond a mere name alteration or brand refresh.

Given the need to reshape perceptions of the client’s brand in Australia, and therefore enhance their business’s value proposition, Percept embarked with the client on their brand positioning journey. This endeavor expanded into the creation of a comprehensive brand identity design and subsequent rollout, encompassing diverse elements such as a website, company profile, brand collateral, signage, and corporate stationery.

Brand Strategy

Throughout the strategic branding journey, a core pillar emerged: targeting a wealthier demographic across a broader region. This shift involved shedding iTrustTax and concentrating on educating existing clients while attracting similar new business.

This momentum ignited the client’s search for a fresh home for their brand. A contemporary open-plan space in Sydney’s Parramatta CBD became the beacon for progress.

Effective communication proved pivotal as Percept devised a strategic branding process that was based on alliteration: Proactive, Persistence, Partnerships. This succinctly captured the essence of the client’s brand and served as a guide for advancement. This orchestrated evolution fused a refined audience approach, redefined locale, and a strategic branding and communication framework. Collectively, these elements illuminated a path toward a more promising future.

Brand Positioning

Percept crafted the following core brand house.

Brand Purpose: Holistic business advisory services provided to small businesses and professionals to help with their tax and accounting needs.

Brand Offering: At Acceler Advisory, we advise small business and professionals by building holistic accounting systems and processes that streamline economic flow, helping you find the financial edge you have been searching for.

Brand Story: At Acceler Advisory, our passion and focus is on building genuine long-lasting partnerships. We partner with accomplished professionals and small businesses to increase financial performance. In doing so we provide sophisticated business advisory services that help minimize tax and facilitate business growth.

Brand Proposition: We’re for small business and professionals who strive for financial progress.

Brand Tagline: Holistic financial performance.

Identity Design

The Acceler Advisory brandmark comprises a dynamic ‘A’ character, featuring an ascending arrow evolving into a larger one within the ‘A’s’ negative space.
This iconic emblem symbolizes Acceler Advisory’s transformative impact on businesses and professionals seeking continual financial advancement.

Both the brandmark and wordmark are intentionally kept separate, ensuring that the symbol retains impact even at minimal scales. The wordmark’s typography has been carefully refined to harmonize with the angular aesthetics of the new brandmark.

Brand systems are meticulously structured on grids, enabling both flexibility and formality. Purposeful iconography embodies the brand’s values, while a sophisticated color palette guarantees distinctive ownership.

The new identity design introduces a distinctive photography style, resembling the firm’s window panes, captures the staff and space with a welcoming yet professional ambience. This unique approach encapsulates Acceler Advisory’s essence, ensuring a cohesive and impactful presence for their new branding.