Brand Strategy for a Services Company

Percept Brand Design
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A snapshot of Percept’s work on its brand strategy for ETS, an Australian emergency repairs provider.

The Challenge

ETS, partnered with brand designers, Percept, for brand strategy and identity design. ETS had the need to better articulate its unique services.

The Solution



By collaborating with Percept’s brand designers, the transformative journey focused on refining ETS’s brand strategy had begun. This immersive exploration delved deep into ETS’s aspirations, setting the stage for a pivotal discovery workshop.

Early in the brand strategy process, attention was shifted to the necessity of revitalizing ETS’s brand positioning and identity design. Percept delved into ETS’s history, tackling identity challenges head-on while charting a brand strategy that paved the path toward a revolutionary brand transformation.

The scope of this comprehensive project encompassed a complete rebranding, including brand positioning, and identity design. This substantial undertaking was complemented by a full rollout plan for the rebranding, assuring the seamless integration of ETS’s new identity design into all the company’s existing collateral and upcoming endeavors.

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy for the evolution of ETS is a tale that unfolds through the values of HUMAN: Help, Understanding, Modest, Accountable, and Nurture. This narrative is characterized by growth, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to a people-centric philosophy. The brand strategy ensured that ETS extended its influence within its specialized service domain, a journey marked by an unwavering dedication to people.

By embracing a brand strategy that centered around a steadfast allegiance to the values of HUMAN, ETS decided to signify a transformative transition toward a rejuvenated identity founded on effective communication and genuine empathy. At the heart of ETS’s narrative lies an enduring commitment to prioritizing a people-first ethos, rooted in the Understanding and Modest values. The foundation of this philosophy values both the contributions of the partner network’s team as well as the needs of clients, infusing the company with a spirit of collaboration that transcends conventional business dealings.

Brand designers, Percept, built a brand strategy around ETS’s story, which is a testament to growth, resilience, and the profound impact achieved by placing individuals at the heart of each pivotal moment in the business’ operations. Brand strategy is not just about refreshing the image of a business for expansion, but about tapping into the true essence of an organization. For the brand designers of Percept, it was clear that the brand strategy for ETS had to focus on the company’s strengths of nurturing relationships and fostering humanity.


Brand Mission — To serve and support all Australian communities.

Brand Offering — ETS delivers holistic trade and emergency make-safe services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company provides itself on providing the most efficient repairs and quality maintenance with its expert trades people. With specialized reporting, advanced IT integration and streamlined processes, ETS help its partners deliver projects on time, with exceeded expectations.

Brand Story — ETS embraces innovation and drives leadership to help all communities. Since 2015, the comoany has delivered better environments for Australians. Whether it be a family, business, town or city, ETS values the power of people and the soul of community. It’s this mindset that drives the company to respond to each and every corner of Australia.

As the company continues its journey, it is wholeheartedly committed to going beyond traditional services and making a true impact for all people, in all communities.

Brand Proposition — Driving innovation and leadership to help the people of Australia.

Brand Tagline — Empowering People.

Brand Identity

The brand identity serves as a visual embodiment of ETS’s core values uniting to create a cohesive brand identity. This brandmark encapsulates the essence of the company’s ethos. The amalgamation of the company’s four fundamental values, forming a complete whole, reflect the commitment to a shared purpose.

The direction of the brand identity’s shape mirrors the constant drive for progress. It is a dynamic and forward-leaning brand identity, capturing the essence of the company’s mission

The vibrant red chosen for this brand identity resonates with the urgency that defines emergency services. It serves as a powerful visual trigger, instantly conveying the essence of quick response times and immediate action.

The typography reinforces the greater brand identity – brand designers, Percept, combining serif and sans serif fonts seamlessly to create a harmonious contrast, marrying innovation and empathy.

The Result

Percept created a brand identity that is a succinct blend of values, design, color, and typography. Every element of the brand identity is carefully curated to reflect ETS’s mission, values, and dedication to empowering individuals through swift and reliable business solutions. The client was very satisfied with Percept’s work.