Branding for Snajka de Madre Consulting Agency

Total Idea
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When creative people and designers with years of experience in setting-up businesses meet, the results of their work can be nothing but excellent.

Snajka de Madre consulting agency has a new look, all thanks to the creativity of the Total Idea team.

Our Work

We started with suggestions for the agency’s name and agreed with the client that Snajka de Madre Consulting Agency is both professional and notable.

Logo Design

Our next task was to come up with visual symbols with adequate meanings.

Since our client primarily deals with digital marketing, we agreed that the best logo would be the most universal symbol of all – the hashtag (#), considering the fact that it is commonly used to mark keywords in online campaigns.

That makes Snajka de Madre a keyword for success of online campaigns, letting its clients know that they can trust that brand and the results its social media team achieves.

The other part of the logotype is a symbol of angel wings, which clearly suggests possibilities for launching campaigns cooperating with Snajka de Madre.

The combination of those symbols ideally illustrates the type of work that the firm does, and suggests success that can be expected when dealing with our client.


While creating Snajka de Madre’s visual identity, we paid special attention to choosing key colours and their meanings.

We used mint green, the colour of life, regenerating, nature and energy. It means growth, harmony, freshness, security, fertility, and life energy. Also, this colour is traditionally associated with money, finances, banking, and ambition.

Of course, green relaxes the most and evokes development and hope.

We also chose black, which is associated with strength, awe, mystery. It symbolises sophistication, elegance, professionalism, and convention.

Our team made sure that all the elements of our client’s visual identity, including corporate and promo material, are well coordinated.