Branding & Packaging Design for Australian Coffee Brand

Percept Brand Design
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Brand Agency, Percept, update the branding and packaging design for Suntory’s Mocopan Coffee, including a refresh of their brand mark.

The Challenge

One of Australia’s original urban coffee roasters under the Suntory umbrella, Mocopan, approached Percept, with a problem in mind. They’re in an extremely competitive industry flooded with new specialty coffee brands. One of their fears of being in this industry is having the Mocopan brand appear dated and losing its presence.

Percept, needed to refresh the Mocopan brand while considering a distinctive colour palette that will ensure relevance and visibility of its packaging design within the context of today’s cafe culture.

The Solution

With this challenge in mind, Percept took this opportunity to bring out the best of Mocopan’s coffee.

The brand has been refreshed using a retro-themed colour palette, paired together with 70’s style typography to create a vintage yet timeless aesthetic.

The new Mocopan brand was rolled out to different variations of packaging design, including; coffee cups, coffee labels and pouches with various flavour SKUs.