Branding, Packaging & Website Design for Pet Food Products

Percept Brand Design
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Bugs?! It’s a thing. Selected from creative agencies Sydney, Percept were engaged by Buggy Bix for their brand design, packaging and website design.

The Challenge

Buggy Bix is an insect-based pet food product that prides itself in being the first of its kind in the industry. Its protein sourced richness makes it a sustainable and highly nutritious option for pets. Buggy Bix, initially, approached Percept, from all creative agencies Sydney, with the idea of the product and requested a bold yet friendly brand design and packaging. Along with the rich colour palette and character-based illustrations that Percept created for the brand design; the packaging brings this to life with a playful window allowing this unique product to be shown.

To cope with the growth of this new pet food product’s popularity, Buggy Bix approached Percept Brand Design again with the brief for their website design. The website design needed to display its range of products and provide an e-commerce service to allow its customers easy access to their products.

The Solution

The website design needed to sustain the friendly and contemporary look and feel of the products to appeal to their consumers using best-practise digital design. To do so, we’ve made use of the vibrant colour palette, at the forefront of the website design, to engage the user with the fun and friendly illustrative aspect of the brand design. The combination of these quirky illustrations and images of pets elevates the brand design created by Percept and enhances the user experience of the customer.

When displaying the products, we’ve made use of the range’s punchy on-shelf presence by displaying the recognisable packaging design as the primary visual, to appeal to the consumer. Using a clear typographic hierarchy and an intuitive UI, this practical website design allows the user to explore the product range more clearly and allows easy access to the e-commerce system to make purchasing swift and simple.

 If you’re looking at creative agencies Sydney for brand design, packaging and website design, Percept would love to hear about your project.