Branding Project for a New Restaurant in Sydney

Percept Brand Design
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Branding agency, Percept, was engaged to develop brand naming and branding for a new restaurant in Sydney.

The Challenge

Branding agency, Percept, was approached to create a holistic brand for a new restaurant located in Sydney’s Surry Hills. The new venture is a modern Australian dining experience that emulates life and culture for the inner city scene.

With extensive experience in restaurant branding, Percept was selected to bring the exciting vision of this hospitality venue to life. Being a new and up coming restaurant in a competitive market, the client needed expressive and somewhat disruptive branding to help them cut-through the competition. Specifically, it needed branding that represented the restaurant’s unique approach to hospitality, which explores the majestic and often curious connection between different lifeforms on earth.

The Solution

Fauna, a Percept brand naming solution, appeals to the curiosity inherent in human nature – that is, our curiosity about our connection to food, each other and the world around us. Percept went on to capture such curiosity through a dynamic yet beautiful visual identity that gives the illusion of movement.

The visual identity was paired with an illustration suite of interesting collages to provide the restaurant with a branding system that is truly unique. The illustrations feature creatures and plant life that evoke curiosity and the mutual connection of all living things.

The branding perfectly reflects Fauna’s values, which are embodied further in the ‘LIFE’ acronym: love, inspire, flavour and evolution. Life itself was the key to this branding project.