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Brenda Nom MQL Facebook Campaign

Back9 Creative Studio
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Brenda Nom’s goal was to get some more qualified leads, and we thought her existing Facebook profile would be a great place to start.

Brenda Nom Mortgages & Insurance loves helping Southlanders. Buying a home, especially for the first time, is a challenge. So is navigating the insurance market and deciding what cover is worthwhile and most appropriate. For anyone unfamiliar with these industries, it can be frustrating, complicated, and full of uncertainty.

Brenda Nom’s goal was to change that and make things easier. Her past clients loved her service and she has a solid 5 stars on every platform, but she wanted to get the word out to more people in the region.

And with the help of Back9 Creative Studio, she was able to do just that.

We had an idea for a weeklong birthday campaign that was sure to POP. “I was a little scared at first about how it would work out, what would happen as was out of my comfort zone! But they assured me it would all be fine and it was!”

The campaign? Putting prize slips inside of balloons. All the balloons had prizes, but to be able to pop one a person had to comment on the post or fill out an enquiry form on the website. The instructions were that one Facebook commenter would be chosen, but three people would be chosen per day from enquiry forms to pop a balloon. While getting traffic to her Facebook was one goal, the main goal was to get stronger leads for the company.

So how did it go? “We got so much interest and new clients from this and it was fun and even a stress relief for me as having fun is always healthy!”

The one-week event created 32 new marketing qualified leads for Brenda Nom, as well as generating traction to her Facebook page and helping her get out of the page like slump she’d been stuck in for some time. She got 105 likes that week and jumped up to 372 total likes, a 30% increase. “I am grateful for the all-new likes, leads and clients we got from it.” She went on to say that it was “A very worthwhile exercise and now planning on doing many more.”

After that success, Brenda talked with us and decided that her website needed an overhaul, and that we were the team to do it. Her thoughts on Back9 is that they’re a “Great team with work with, they understand their clients and are a pleasure to work with.”

Now, the website is in the final stages of development, and expected to be finished soon. And both Breda Nom and Back9 expect great things to come from it!