Brewery Experience Digitalised

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Now a brewery can enhance customer engagement and gain loyalty with an immersive and groundbreaking digital revolution.

The Brewery Experience Digitalized

Imagine a brewery digitalized, in such a manner that, everything you need from your favourite restaurant/bar will be at your fingertips. With a reform so drastic, across all digital platforms, the brewery won’t just be able to retain its core customers, but ensure they find new fans, who, once hitched to the V Brew ride, will find no reason to get off, all thanks to the well thought out and equally perfectly implemented digital innovations and creations. The core idea should be to not just design a website/app but design an EXPERIENCE.

Consumer is King

The key driving factor for anyone in the hospitality industry is to drive customers towards them and keep them as loyal as they can for as long as they can. With the digital explosion that we see in today’s world, what is absolutely key is that every organization updates its digital footprint – because if they do not, they will find it extremely difficult to survive in what is already a pretty crowded space.

So, it is either digitize or perish and just any kind of digitization will not do – it needs to be creative, innovative and unique. Through the rest of this write-up and the 2 links of the case studies given below, we will show how digital innovation will make a consumer’s experience memorable.

Beer Finder

This is an application on the website that allows the consumer to find the brewery in a trice. They have to do absolutely nothing, just wait for a few nanoseconds. The Beer Finder will detect the consumer’s location and point to the nearest V Brew.

Order in a Click

With the brewery identified, the consumer has a choice – either to go to V Brew or decide to place an order for some beer to be delivered to their home. Not only that, if they so choose, they can even pick a different address and treat a dear friend or a member of the family to some freshly brewed beer – anywhere in the world!

Table Booking

Making a reservation can be a hassle, what with the consumer not knowing exactly which table they will get and if that table will be available the moment they reach the brewery. Well, that worry doesn’t exist anymore.

With a birds-eye view of the entire brewery, including every single seating arrangement – from the outside seating to the rooftop to the VIP room – the consumer will know exactly what is where. Not only that, with a real-time function, they will be able to view which seats are becoming empty or how crowded the brewery is.

With such convenience, getting the perfect table is no longer a problem.

A Food Menu to Rock Your Tastebuds

If the consumer wants to order some food along with the beer, they can do that, and the choice is made awfully easy, considering each food has been paired expertly with each of the beers that are on tap. With a Digital Food Menu that gives a feeling that they are actually seeing live food, those tastebuds will be working overtime soon.

Along with that, there is also an option for consumers going to the brewery to ensure everything is ready and waiting for them on arrival. All they have to do is place their order – for beer and food – through any device, and by the time they get there, they will find that everything is already on their reserved table.

Beer Flight

And just to tempt further, the Beer Flight will provide a virtual experience of the beers on tap for the consumer. All they have to do is click on each type of beer to get detailed information – be it wheat, lager, stout or something else.

The Beer Olympics

What’s modern life without a little gaming? In order to enhance the brewery experience and create a sense of loyalty, consumers will be able to play various drinking games on the brewery app with their friends and fellow beer lovers, with various prizes given to the winners, including, and most enticingly, free beer.

Innovate or Perish

It really is the survival of the fittest in the business world, particularly in the hospitality industry. With the V Brew digital revolution, however, the brewery can make sure they will be right there, perched at the top of the food chain and calling the shots, rather than playing catch-up.