Bud Light’s Digital Agency

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We define Bud Light’s digital purpose, develop a framework to evaluate all digital initiatives, and create content across their digital ecosystem.

Bud Light retained RED to be their digital agency partner, which includes strategic guidance, defining their digital purpose and roadmap, developing a framework to evaluate all current and future initiatives, and creating high quality content across their digital products and advertising.

Understanding the Consumer & Brand

Everything started with developing a deeper understanding of the Bud Light customer. We conducted a mobile ethnography study with consumers in the target demo, male and female aged 21-34, with an emphasis on ambicultural Hispanics. We supplemented that study with video interviews and added daily digital diaries.

From there we conducted an in-depth brand audit to identify what’s currently working well (and what’s not working), and where there are gaps and opportunities for improvement. Additionally, we looked at the competitive landscape within the beer category, as well as aspirational brands outside of their category that are leaders in digital and customer experience.

Creating True Value

Bud Light’s overarching brand positioning is around friendship, bringing people together and championing the connections that enrich our lives. But the consumer perception of Bud Light often points to a massive brand that’s not necessarily relatable.

In order to shift consumer perceptions, Bud Light needed to embody their brand positioning across everything they do. More than just talking about friendship in digital, Bud Light needs to act like a friend, in every touchpoint, every time. Behaving like a quality friend helps to ensure that they continue to stand out in a crowded landscape, always delivering value.

Implementing Our Strategy

As the digital AOR for Bud Light, we’re continuing to apply our strategy to initiatives across their brand ecosystem, such as their website, digital advertising and future digital consumer touchpoints.

We’ve already redesigned Budlight.com to provide a more modern look and functionality that’s more fitting of the number-one beer brand in America. Their site is now relevant seasonally, tells a compelling brand story and provides value to consumers in the form of high quality and exclusive content. We’re continuing to build out the site with more content and to support multiple campaign initiatives.

We’re also developing a CRM program to help the brand build long-lasting relationships with consumers.