Buenos Aires UX Strategy

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The city authorities of Buenos Aires, one of the largest capital cities in South America, had to rebuild the citizen’s UX on their website.

The Challenge

Tonic3 collaborated with the city authorities of Buenos Aires, one of the largest cities in South America, to redesign their information architecture and design guidelines.

The Solution

We worked onsite with the client, interacting with executive shareholders and government officials. Using agile methodology, we developed a design system that allows users to explore, find, and enjoy the many online services the city offers. This will drive the next digital transformation of the city’s online presence and user interaction for years.

We began by standardizing design components, which involved creating a design system in Figma. This way, we optimized the UX process and made sure that the entire agile team was aligned.

We worked with the community and stakeholders to understand all the main components, steps of the process, and feedback from current users to list all the components that had to be created and/or migrated into the design system.

Using Agile methodology, we launched the design system that will continue to grow as we keep modernizing the Buenos Aires Portal .

Tonic3 was invited to collaborate with QuarkID. It’s a decentralized, public, open, extensible, and multi-chain protocol that requires no permission and is capable of interoperating with other similar protocols.

In short, we worked with the community and stakeholders to deliver a website and brand guidelines for the project.

The Result

Using Agile methodology, we developed the design system that will drive the next phase of this project.