Building a Digital Presence from Ground Up

Kobe Digital
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Fame Auto Broker approached Kobe Digital with the task of building an online presence from the ground up in the most cost-effective manner possible.


In today’s age of instant gratification—and in a market filled to the brim with countless competitors offering exactly that—it was critical for Fame Auto Broker to make the most of every opportunity afforded to them by their digital advertising campaigns.

When the brokerage first approached Kobe Digital, their process was completely analog: once customers found the business, they’d have to visit the office in person to fill out a form, a time-consuming process that all too often resulted in them taking their business elsewhere, even if the business was able to broker a more favorable loan.

To bring the Fame Auto Broker’s application process up to speed, Kobe Digital’s web design & development team built the company a fully customized website that allowed its clients to enter their information securely into an online application, seamlessly bridging the gap between a customer finding the company and ultimately doing business with them.



The most effective digital marketing campaigns are tailored to match every company’s unique circumstances. However, this is far easier said than done—a large part of the customization process entails finding out what doesn’t work, and this can get expensive quickly.

The good news is that, in many cases, competitors with an established digital presence have already done the heavy lifting on this end. Companies launching new campaigns can save thousands of dollars on trial-and-error based optimization to the extent that a competitor has already done so, provided that they have the research tools necessary to exploit it.

In the case of Fame Auto Broker, our SEO experts were able to examine competitors’ backlink portfolios, identifying the best opportunities and expediting the manual outreach and content creation process. By using competitors’ content and backlink sources as a starting point, articles, blog posts, and infographics could be designed with prior knowledge of the type of content that performed well, effectively giving Fame Auto Broker a two to three-month head start on its primary competitors.



The strategy of leveraging detailed competitor analyses in providing a jump start to a new campaign can be even more effective when tackling paid search campaigns—and can provide even greater savings, especially since early stages of a paid search campaign tend to incur higher cost-per-click values since strong Quality Scores haven’t been established yet.

After aggregating and reviewing competitor keyword lists, our paid search experts were able to identify “low hanging fruit”—inexpensive, low-cost, low-competition keywords with high buying intent—and bid aggressively on those, while also combing through competitors’ low-performing keywords and omitting those from Fame Auto Broker’s campaign.


Once this campaign began generating site traffic, a retargeting campaign was launched on the Google Display Network to serve low-cost repeat impressions to the most qualified leads, resulting in a 32% decrease in lead acquisition cost compared to previous marketing efforts.