Building a Strong Digital Foundation for Rising Star Properties

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Rising star properties: building a strong digital foundation for Florida’s top construction company.

Our Client

Rising Star Properties was founded in 2003 by Eric F. Mauger.  The company earned its place as one of the most reputable construction companies in Central Florida’s development community. This is despite being a young player in a highly competitive industry.

The majority of Rising Star Properties’ work is on independent and assisted living facilities. They have already delivered more than a hundred projects with flying colors. Adding a feather to their cap is the dozens of multimillion dollar construction projects they manage.

In terms of success, you might think that Rising Star won’t be asking for more, but they have bigger things in mind.


Our Client’s Goals

Currently, Rising Star Properties is seeking to expand its reach outside Central Florida. They are searching for partners that share the same passion & vision towards constructing top-notch senior living facilities. They are fully committed to reaching their goals to become the premier construction company in the senior living scene.

To become the best, they have to level the playing field first against their competitors in the industry. To do this, it’s essential to build a business website that showcases their experience and expertise. This will help them expand their reach and establish their authority online.


The Objectives

Building a website is not as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of planning, surveying, and collaboration between our team & our client.

After a series of brainstorming with our client, we determined the overall objectives of their website.

Here is a list of our client’s objectives for their website.

  • Online portfolio
  • Source of information
  • Strong brand identity
  • Lead generator


Our Client’s Challenges

Construction is one of the biggest industries in the United States. Its current market size is worth $2-trillion. Its revenue is projected to grow up to 5 percent in the next five years. Since it’s one of the top sectors in the US, it’s also the most competitive marketplace.

With that in mind, Rising Star Properties faces a new set of challenges. They may be a household name in the local construction scene, but how about online?

More than 3-million construction firms are operating in the US alone. A huge chunk of this number has a website. Without a website, it’s going to be an uphill battle for Rising Star Properties to achieve their goals. They are missing out on a lot of opportunities to build their brand and drive potential customers through web development and SEO strategies.


Our Solution

After a series of careful assessments, surveying, and planning, we started building the site using WordPress. Here is the complete detail of our website features for Rising Star.

  • Brand Identity — In terms of branding, our client has none. They don’t have an official company logo and color palette yet. Our design team came up with a logo that highlights their name. We also decided to use an orange-dark blue palette for a more vibrant, modern, and professional look. For consistent branding, the website’s design template carries the same sharp and appealing visuals as the company’s logo.
  • Sleek Design — Rising Star Properties’ web design is the product of collaboration between our team and our client. We came up with a design that focuses on providing the best user experience, aesthetics, and navigation. We made sure to design the website with a user-friendly interface with engaging and interactive features like videos, image sliders, and image carousels.
  • Responsive Website — Designing a responsive website is crucial considering that a lot of users browse on their mobile devices these days. So our solution is to design a responsive site that adjusts seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. We utilized flexible layouts and grids as well as CSS media queries to render and adapt different screen resolutions.
    • To put it simply, we applied the technology that prompts the website to automatically respond to the user’s preferred device. This enables the user to switch from desktop to mobile version and vice versa with ease. Our mobile-friendly website adjusts with screen resolution without altering the quality of the images, videos, and content. We also optimized the website for faster loading time and utilized a viewport meta tag to prevent a disrupted screen viewing.
  • Strategically-placed CTAs — Of course, we cannot overlook the importance of call-to-action (CTA) buttons. Without a CTA, the user will end up viewing the entire page without knowing the next essential steps to further interact with the website. We made sure to place our CTA buttons strategically without disrupting the user experience quality. We also made sure that our CTA copies are convincing & easy to read. The CTA button sizes were visible enough for the user to notice without being disrupted.
  • Search Engine Optimization — Our SEO team worked immediately on a content strategy and keyword research for website optimization. Our content team, made up of strong writers with marketing skills, created the site’s copies. We made sure that each page is filled with great-quality content – engaging enough to lure the site visitors and well-optimized for search engines to rank high. We also conducted a competitor analysis for a better website content assessment. We plotted the sitemap for more visibility on SEO.

Lastly, we regularly perform site audits, update security reports, and conduct uptime monitoring to make sure the site’s ranking and authority consistently increase. We also check for WordPress updates and regularly review analytics.


The Results

Our team successfully designed a modern, interactive, and professional business website for our client. We believe it presents a strong testament to Rising Star Properties’ core values of excellence, integrity, safety, innovations, and relationships. Most importantly, the website serves as a great additional lead generation stream.

We are proud to say that the website is seamlessly integrated, and it’s one of the most comprehensive sites we’ve ever built.

We officially launched Rising Star Florida last January 8, 2021. Three months later, it is already driving website traffic and converting visitors into potential customers. The website also started to rank on search engines for its keywords.

You can view the website here.