C2 Smart Light

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C2 Smart Light is a system for managing smart outdoor lighting solutions: streets, sites, stadiums.

Project Overview

The client is a Finnish company that offers smart lighting control solutions to its customers, including city councils, stadium owners, etc. The main goal of the client is to provide convenient solutions for remote lightning management, which involves monitoring and managing lighting devices anytime and anywhere.

The Solution

C2 Smart Light is an Internet of Things (IoT) product that allows its users to remotely control needed lightning devices. With the help of the product, users can not only turn the devices on and off but also manage the dimming level, make lightning adjustments, monitor the status of the devices, and many other options.

One of the greatest advantages of the solution is that it creates control programs for lighting networks. These programs include automatic adjustment of the light intensity based on the time of the year, time of the day, natural light level, etc. In this way, the intensity of lighting depends on the external environment, and the lighting devices do not have to run at full power all the time. This leads to a significant energy saving (up to 20%) and reduces CO2 emissions.

The product is a web application that provides an intuitive and informative interface to the user. With the help of an integrated map, a user can instantly see all their connected devices on the map and manage them with a few clicks only. In this way, the solution significantly facilitates device monitoring and management and provides accurate data to users.

The Results

SoftTeco has successfully updated and scaled the existing smart lighting system and delivered all necessary implementations on time and in full correspondence with the requirements. We are glad that we were able to work on a challenging IoT project and contribute to smart city development.