Case Study: SideChef – Food & Drinks

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A snaphot of how Codment created a cooking app with many useful meal-planning and grocery shopping features.

About SideChef

SideChef is a cooking app with many useful meal-planning and grocery shopping options. It includes over 18,000 recipes from top food bloggers, influencers, professional chefs, and home cooking experts to help you plan and prepare a healthy meal at home in mere minutes. From personalized recipe recommendations for different cuisines including American, Italian, and Chinese, to learning valuable culinary skills, this app offers everything you need. SideChef is the perfect cooking companion.

The Problem

How long do you take to decide what to eat, especially when you only have a few ingredients available at home? In such a case, ordering food might be your last resort. Keeping this in mind, our client wanted us to build an app that would help people find and prepare tailored recipes according to their food/dietary requirements and ingredients. In short, they wanted an all-in-one platform that would allow people to shop for in-store products in real-time and learn valuable cooking and culinary skills.

The Solution

To solve this issue, we created a hybrid app that allows people to find customized recipes that can be filtering by diet and other preferences. We incorporated a smart grocery shopping feature through which users can shop for ingredients directly from Walmart and Amazon Fresh. For additional support, the app also has a step-by-step image/video recipe guide and a built-in timer. Users can also share cooking failures and successes, exchange tips, rate recipes, upload photos, and engage with the SideChef community.

Key Features

We implemented the following features into the SideChef app.

  • Over 18,000 step-by-step image or video recipes tailored to specific preferences
  • Filter by dietary requirements, allergies, and/or ingredients you already have at home
  • Personalized recipe recommendations including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and Keto
  • Create a grocery list and instantly shop for ingredients from Walmart and Amazon Fresh
  • Built-in timers to make sure you don’t overcook or undercook your food
  • Rate recipes, upload photos, exchange tips, and more with the home cooking community
  • Control compatible smart appliances with over 2,000 CookAssist-enabled smart recipes

The Results

The resulting app is the perfect meal planning tool and inspiration for adding appealing recipes to your cookbook. All in all, SideChef is the best app to empower users to prepare delicious meals at home, save money, and live a healthy lifestyle.