Catsbill – GST Invoice Generator

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Catsbill – a coherent web app competent enough to compute GST figures for the buyer’s bills, is an initiative and nurtured product of Sifars.

An efficient web-app, articulated for creating GST-compliant bills, enabling established and emerging businesses to deliver exceptional customer experience and make the GST billing process easier and in line with their corporate goals.

Sifars Customer Profile: Catsbill

GST law mandates issuing of a business instrument issued by a supplier or a seller to the recipient or the buyer of goods and services. The obligation of GST on the products and timely filing of the same, led to the requisite of a web-based application, automating the complex calculations of GST and facilitating self-sufficiency in GST Compliant Bills.

As such there was a  need to simplify the daily tedious tasks of billing and make an automated app thus dispensing GST compliant bills ultimately accelerating the making of complex billing and invoices.

Robust Approach & Methodology was applied by Sifars to make Catsbill; the Fastest and Efficient GST billing portal, with the input of general information and calculation of tax, thus simplified.


Whether big or small, a Digital shift is always difficult to carry out. We aimed for a digital transformation thus increasing the internal operational efficiencies by introducing self-service and automation, and improving the client experience.

Moreover, the utmost challenge was to carefully validate the single-digit precision of results by rounding off the numbers in calculations for efficiency and accuracy.

In the end, Sifars was looking for a reliable way to register customer data securely while naturally engaging them for their daily tasks.


Sifars meticulously developed a cloud solution Catsbill, a working MVP. The final output is one of the fastest, efficient , lifetime free GST bill maker with automated calculations. A user-friendly dashboard with B2C sales and B2B sales and inventory tabs. Our dedicated development team expanded functionality and further improved the user interface. Furthermore, one can have detailed bill listings with the sale and purchase invoices all placed categorically without any chance of losing data.  


Sifars approached each step of the project intricately and carefully and was able to deliver a spot-on solution. Our customers are happy to have the opportunity to manage their billings with a modern, free, and fastest digital tool that’s both empowering and simple to use.

An automatic GST compliant- billing web application with ease of printing and  keeping all your data secured and confidential. The Easy to restore feature leads to the invoicing database in case of any unfortunate event. Additionally, the inventory option makes purchase orders further convert into GST invoices and keeping track of sale/purchase orders.