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Celebrity Cruises’ revolutionary new cruise ship.

The Situation

Edge is Celebrity Cruises’ revolutionary new cruise ship, it really is a transformative ship that sets new standards in modern cruising luxury. However, the current Edge page on the Celebrity website is very functional, rather than inspirational. It provides useful information, but doesn’t really tell the story, or do Edge justice.

This provided us with the opportunity to create something more indulgent and experiential. Bringing the unique Modern Luxury ethos of Celebrity Cruises to life by using flat HTML templates that were not tied to existing templates.

Top 3 Objectives

Drive Interest in Edge Cruises

Edge is pretty amazing and a real game changer in cruising. We were confident users would have genuine interest once they had the chance to really understand the ship. It’s not the norm and not an experience you can get elsewhere, which is why we created a microsite showcasing Edge in all its glory. We wanted users to fall in love.

Reflect Edge Experience Through Storytelling

It’s easy to put up nice pictures and stats, but it’s hard to showcase genuine modern luxury. Storytelling is an art, we needed to use a combination of rich imagery, copy, video, and clever coding to really tell a story that users understand and buy into. To ensure we told the best possible story, we worked with copy and video experts to create this solution.

Increase Conversion and Cruise Revenue

Whilst we are focused on users falling in love with Edge, we also need to see real metrics. As a business, we pride ourselves on driving real results and uplift in business performance. So for us, it was vital to ensure we see Edge sales come through with an improved conversion rate for those who have engaged with the microsite and increase overall cruise revenue.

The Solution

A dynamic way of working to provide a super quick turnaround from the new Edge microsite – built in HTML with a unique look and feel.

This microsite provides the wow factor, it showcases Edge in all its glory as a hero product. Storytelling is vital, we wanted users not only to become aware and interested in Edge, but also inspired and captivated.

Utilising a combination of rich copy, beautiful imagery, video content, not to mention some clever front end development interactions, we believe we’ve really delivered.

What We Did

  • UX design
  • Front-end build
  • Testing and QA