CEMEX GO – “Digital Transformation”

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CEMEX decided to go through a “digital transformation” and create a global app that would offer its customers a suite of services.

About the Project

CEMEX, a Fortune 1000 company, decided to go through a “digital transformation” and create a global app that would offer its customers in 32 countries around the world a suite of services to effectively manage their orders.
The consulting firm NEORIS hired us to provide a boost for their teams and make it happen.

Blueberry members on the job – 26
Countries set for release – 32
Global web app #1

…so how do you effectively coordinate work at one of the world’s largest companies?


To move to an agile process, where quick iteration and learning is key, we helped CEMEX establish:
  • A solid React stack based on our experience
  • Automated testing to fix bugs fast
  • A knowledge-sharing culture so that all devs can work with the code.
  • Customer-centered design to meet people’s needs

We had to work with a very challenging deadline. Our strong Scrum background and clever planning helped us manage everything in time!

2 business analysts translating business needs to clear user stories
22 developers creating the app effectively with reusable components
2 QA engineers saving the team’s time by writing automated tests

With coordinated teams of experts used to Scrum, we’ve set a new standard for meeting every deadline.
To make the app usable across the globe, we tweaked the product, adding RTL support and different SAP setups, for example.
We saved countless hours each month for 10,000 people.

Leading the way, we have created the first digital platform in the industry that offers a comprehensive, integrated solution to our customers.