Centra Credit Union & Branding

The Miller Group
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We convinced one of Indiana’s largest credit unions to reach out to a younger demographic. The result? Amazing.


Centra is one of Indiana’s largest credit unions, with over 150,000 members and 24 locations. Like all financial institutions, they wanted to increase their penetration of Millenials. But, for credit unions there is a paradox: millennials strongly believe in what credit unions stand for, they just don’t know they even exist. Banking habits are learned early from family, so credit unions are often overlooked or misunderstood.

The Challenge

Centra engaged The Miller Group to increase millennial memberships – opening new checking and savings accounts and securing home and car loans.  We launched a campaign based around language common to millennials: “Adulting is hard. Centra makes it easy.” A comprehensive package of live-action videos, radio – pre-recorded and live read, event sponsorship,  OOH,  and in-store POS was developed. The results were remarkable.


Membership increased by 16% and assets grew significantly. Based on these results, Centra developed an overall strategy aimed at financial education – being seen as helping people make smart financial decisions. We also created engaging, animated spots highlighting the benefits of investing in CDs and money market accounts – to grow assets further.

Few financial institutions can lay claim to breakthrough messaging, but we convinced one of Indiana’s largest credit unions to reach out to a younger demographic. The goal was to position the brand as a source of financial education leading to financial independence. That is, help people – especially younger people – understand money and finances. The work ran the gamut from a package of new TV spots to social media, traffic building events, drip campaigns, and YouTube videos.