Chantelle Wedding Dresses – Facebook Campaigns

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A snapshot of MG Digital’s work with Chantelle Wedding Dresses.

Chantelle is a wedding dresses atelier located in Egypt. The company is one of MG Digital’s oldest clients, and has been served since 2016.

Over the years, we have had a very successful track record with the company, which has involved running many successful engagement and conversion campaigns. This has made Chantelle one of the most well-known wedding dresses ateliers in Egypt, as reflected in the fact that we have helped the company accumulate more than a million likes on its Facebook profile.

In our first Facebook messages campaign, 11,700 Egyptian Pounds (EGP) was spent, which resulted in 1,586 messages, 115,681 users reached and 563,730 impressions. That resulted in a 7.38EGP cost per message and 0.1 EGP cost per single reach. The second campaign was an engagement campaign with 5,500 EGP  spent, which resulted in 67,500 engagements with the cost per engagement being 0.08 EGP.

Another campaign for Chantelle was a huge awareness campaign that definitely helped the business to thrive and increase publicity for its brand. The amount spent was 207,732 EGP, which resulted in more than 3 million customers reached with the cost per reach being 0.06 EGP.

An engagement campaign that was very successful resulted in more than 582,000 post engagements, with 26,819 EGP being spent and, therefore, a cost per engagement of 0.05 EGP.

Below you can review two other successful engagement campaigns for our client: the first campaign resulted in more than 234,000 post engagements with a minimal cost per result of 0.05 EGP; the second resulted in 142,830 post engagements with the cost per engagement 0.08 EGP. The total amount spent on both campaigns was below 24,000 EGP.